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Default Re: The Joker's background?

True but I don't think he's suicidal in a way where he's attempted it on himself before. Sure he doesn't care if he dies but mainly if it happens while proving somebody like the Batman wrong. I don't know enough about this subject, but I feel that suicidal people just don't enjoy anything. Theyre severely depressed individuals and cant find the energy to enjoy anything really. That's not the Joker. He laughs his ass off in enjoyment of MANY things. Not only proving people wrong but like I said, check the diary Heath wrote. There's a list of things he loves, laughs at, finds absolutely amusing. There's sick stuff in there but there's also plenty of normal things and goofy ****. I think he has a twisted belief system and a twisted sense of humor, but he does have a sense of humor.

I don't see him as suicidal, unless he dies while serving a purpose. Maybe im wrong. But it's more in line with a terrorist who would do a suicide bombing if it made a loud noise so to speak. A major point to the people witnessing it. In this case, he has a mission and it seems like he wants to live to see through that mission. Even if that mission is sprinkled with "happy accidents", improvising and changing ideas is a big part of Joker. He's adaptable. He's like a darkened free spirit. But there still is a mission at hand once the Batman enters the picture. He keeps Joker going. He wants to keep living because of him, true, but if he was truly suicidal, he would have offed himself like no problem once in Arkham.

The guy is just maniacal. An evil clown. Chaos keeps him going just as much as the Batman. He LIVES for chaos and to **** with the rules. He's the embodiment of punk rock.

Here's the best example I can give. He was at times based on Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange. There's your answer. A man who is not depressed even though he's a dark soul. He enjoys life, just in different ways than most. He's almost giddy for the things he loves. Those things are just ****ed up lol. That's the Joker. Only he has scars and is even more theatrical.

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