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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

Personally I can't see singer or anyone making a movie with the return of cyclops by Mr sinister cloning him or something random and kinda silly like that which is an attempt to make this undeveloped character important with nothing to go on, they probably would with wolverine and have a whole film based around it Because wolverine has always been that character that gets all the important moments, probably less likely but they would be more likely to do it with jean then Scott because she has always had a more important role then cyclops

I honestly think jean and cyclops will return together, singer has never said he only wanted to bring back cyclops and we would be lucky to even get them back with time travel given they ain't wolverine, magneto or xavier

All that they have to go on with cyclops development is jean... They gonna throw that away? Probably not, so even if we don't see them at the end of the film I really think time travel will bring them back, singer has a door to do it and it can be done in a way that makes sense and kills 2 birds with one stone

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