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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 1

What are you talking about?
His face and body are beautiful too!
Why were you worried? :S
The only thing that worried me was the fact he seemed older.
But lots of people seems older than their age so..
Anyways, it's ok with some make-up.

He looks young at the end of MOS.
Actually, I think some hair cup make him older and some other ones make him younger.

And if someone is enough lucky to see what-you-know, it would be great to report it here then Some girls would be very happy!

But right now, we don't know anything. It's certainly not small anyways.
So, can we just talk about Henry?
I want to know the next episode of the "henry's life" story.
Is he still with Gina?
Will she be WW?

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