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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
Nope, but anyway, it's better for Lois to be in her 30s and mid-career, it makes it more believable that she is successful and at the top of her field than if she were 25.
Well, Sara Ganim who broke the Penn State sex scandal, won the Pulitzer prize at 24, so it is possible to win top journalistic awards as a 20-something reporter. If Lois is either tenacious enough or lucky enough, her getting the Superman break as a 20-something reporter is believable. The bigger issue may be is it believable that someone that age would be a top reporter at a major Metropolitan newspaper. That was where LnC seemed to go too far. It was not even that Lois and Clark were top reporters, but they seemed to be the lead reporters without question, but a lot of that has more to do with narrative efficiency than anything else.

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