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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by WarriorDreamer View Post
So what? Movie actors/ actresses don't get time to portray their character therefore they are exempt from any and all comparison? Crap logic. If you are given materiel you rise to whatever crap is given you with whatever time you have. I'm not saying Amy didn't, but I'm saying to state there is no way you can compare a movie Lois and a TV Lois is ridiculous. They are acting in a production, they are given time to play a story of Superman.
But LnC is not the story of Superman, it is the story of LOIS (and I guess Clark to, maybe he fits in there somewhere). OK, maybe even the pilot can't be seen that way. However we got more Lois talking to family members in the LnC pilot than in MOS. In MOS Clark opens his heart up to Lois, but Lois never really reciprocates. In the LnC pilot it is the other way around. Lois admits what really moves her as they are about to blow up, and Clark comforts her but does not admit anything back. Then in "Strange Visitor" you get Lois and Clark kissing.

Still, one is the story of Lois, the Daily Planet, Clark, and Superman comes in somewhere, while the other is the story of the origins of Superman and Krypton, with Lois definitely there and the Daily Planet even appearing.

I hope we get more Lois in BMvSM, and with MOS closing with Clark getting a job at the DP, I am confident we will.

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