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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by Xandrea View Post
That's because the costume, effects, and action scenes had a budget. He still wasn't nearly as fleshed out as Dean Cain's character. Also that's a show about Lois, Clark, and their relationship. This is a movie about Superman. The focus is very different.
It is also telling that the claim was not "Cavill was a better Clark Kent than Dean Cain". They actually start out a lot alike, except that Cain's Kent has managed to mix journalism with traveling the earth. He also was in place for a time as editor of the "Smallville Post", which based on what we see in "Tempus Fugitive" seems to be a daily paper. Actually, maybe it would be easiest to imagine that it is like the Hutchison News, a paper that won a Pulitzer in 1965. I wonder if "Smallville is Hutchison" could work all through for LnC. Even Perry not knowing where Smallville is but talking like he knows he should know would fit for Hutchison, which has just under 50,000 people.

Still, we learn in LnC that Clark Kent is a traveler. He seems to have spent it in higher circles than MOS's Clark Kent. MOS's Clark Kent worked on oil rigs and dated a diner worker. LnCs Clark Kent wrote articles on the knob-tailed gecko for a Indonesian (or Malaysian) paper while working in the Australian outback, ran stories on gunrunners coming out of Jamaica, and learned ballroom dancing from a Nigerian princess, and had scones at the London Savoy. He may have also spent time with the Yolungu Tribe in New Guinea. He also learned healing elixirs from medicine men (although that might just be a lie to cover his real healing of Lex with heat vision).

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