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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

Had to split it in 2, here's the rest of it:

Quote: Gregorís Gerry Cheevers-style helmet.

Dave Filoni:
Boston won the [Stanley] Cup when we were designing it. And I thought, itís a great visual. Anyone whoís played hockey knows Gerry Cheeversí mask. By most accounts, it was one of the first ways that goalies started to paint their masks. I played goalie because you got a mask, and there was always such a strong correlation there to me with Stormtroopers and helmets. So I thought it was kind of just a natural nod to that, and I didnít think Mr. Cheevers would mind, and I think Boston people got a big kick out of it. The thing too is, a lot of people donít even know. They would see it and not even think anything, which is kind of tragic to me. [Laughs] So if putting that out there has some kid look it up and then they find a picture of Gerry Cheevers, I think thatís cool. You know, why not? That just goes backÖ I grew up in Pittsburgh and I painted goalie masks as my summer job. Is Gerry Cheevers aware of the tribute?

Dave Filoni:
I donít think so. I mean, maybe if heís a big Star Wars fan, but I doubt it. I donít think heíd watch Clone Wars. But who knows, maybe some Boston fan brought it up and he was like, ďWhat are you talking about?Ē [Laughs] I know youíre a Penguins fan. I should let you know Iím a big Rangers fan.

Dave Filoni:
Oh, Iím sorry to hear that. Thatís terrible. I like [Henrik] Lundqvist, though. Lundqvistís a great goalie. Is there any chance, since you like Henrik Lundqvist, we could get a ďKing HenrikĒ in the show somewhere?

Dave Filoni:
[Laughs] Heíd have to do something significant like win the Cup, which is just not gonna happen. [Laughs] Itís not gonna happen! He won the Vezina!

Dave Filoni:
Well, thatís nice. Someone wins it every year. ďThe Gathering,Ē in which young Jedi have to find their lightsaber crystals, and the depiction of lightsaber construction.

Dave Filoni:
ďThe GatheringĒ really, I think, was Georgeís effort to clarify the way he felt Jedi got their lightsabers, and he felt that it was something that happened when they were very young. He definitely threw us all a curve when told us that the crystals donít have a color until the Jedi actually have them. And then I thought that that was really interesting. Thatís one of those things that only comes from George, when youíre going to the mind of the Star Wars encyclopedia. It makes sense, because if an average person goes in that cave, thereís tons of ice and tons of crystals and you canít tell the difference between them. Itís almost like a defense mechanism. But when a Jedi is in tune with one, the one that calls to them, they can find it. And then when they have it, it basically will make a blade when itís bent a certain color. I thought that was one of the nice revelations there.

I also liked that it was a very spiritual thing. The threat in that cave is basically only what you take with you, which is exactly what Yoda tells Luke. It makes sense for these very young children.

Itís come up since then. Iíve been asked, ďSo what do Jedi do if they lose their lightsaber later?Ē Well, A) theyíre not supposed to lose their lightsaber, but B) there are enough lightsabers that have gone from fallen Jedi over the many, many, many years, that they actually have lightsaber crystals at the Temple. So they donít have to actually go all the way back out to Illum to get one, and because itís a fallen Jedi they can actually use that crystal and it will work for them.

The whole attunement and everything is just a special moment for them as a child to get in tune with the Force. Itís not so much being in tune with your lightsaber. Thatís a big thing that we all make a mistake on, is that we get very attached to our lightsabers. [Laughs] ďOh my gosh, I have to have one.Ē But remember, theyíre Jedi. A lightsaber is just a thing. Itís not Excalibur, itís not like an ultimately super-special thing. It is to us, because we make it a symbol when we watch the movie and Luke is given his fatherís lightsaber. That lightsaber is a little more meaningful because it was his fatherís. But you notice when Luke loses itÖ He doesnít freak out.

Dave Filoni:
He doesnít go on some journey down in Cloud City to go get his lightsaber, and he doesnít even super-lament the fact that he lost his lightsaber. I mean, we were probably more upset as kids that he lost his lightsaber. [Laughs] All those things kind of came up in our telling of the tale of lightsabers, and George had a lot of thoughts about that. It all comes back to selfish versus selflessness. Thatís always a key thing when dealing with Jedi and Sith, and I think thatís expressed in ďThe Gathering.Ē

Stay tuned for part two of StarWars.comís interview with Dave Filoni!

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