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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by John Lambert View Post
You make some good point. I think what others really are complaining at is "we did not get the standard back story and issues for Lois."

While I would have loved to see more of Lois, I am glad they saved it for later. I do hope they go more into what really makes her tick later on, but I don't think they should do it quite the way it was done in the past.

They need to have a Lois who works in a 2010s newsroom and is driven by issues of the 2010s, not the 1970s or 1990s. How exactly you do that I don't know, but I would prefer them thinking it out and giving us a new interpretation that has substance than to have had them rush it off in a first movie that was so much an origin story for Clark.

I am still optimistic enough to think we will get a fuller back-story for Lois.

Lois has been many things in different interpretations. LnC Lois was very different than S:TM Lois. For one thing she was not a smoker, and not quite as cynical. The interview scenes were also different, in part because Lois in LnC never gave Superman a definitive interview. That is probably good since he would have been unable to answer another question about Krypton when she first asked.

We got a short Lois and Clark interview, still they should do another where Lois can work with him for a fuller story to put out about Clark. I hope we do see some Lois helping Clark manufacture a disguise.
Agreed with almost all you've said.. the bravery from Lois is her trait
But some people don't see correctly how Goyer treated women in his movies weak.. but I think in MOS as examples from Faora, Lois Lane (imo this lois is the best so far and her plot was one of the strongest of them) I didn't need the backstory from Lois just the few things that we already know that she's a PP winning and his career is a success, I mean this movie was about Clark origins no? ... We can get a backstory when General Lane appears in the movie don't you think?


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