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Default Re: The timeline of MoS

I was thinking about this myself. A lot of people complain about the pacing of the film. Which I understand. But if a few things are cleared up, the structure of the movie makes a lot more sense.

So to start, I see the film like acts in a play/novel. Or issues of a comic if you prefer...

Prologue: (0:00 - 20:00) entire Krypton sequence
Act I: (20:01 - 52:20) fishing boat through first flight
Act II: (52:21 - 1:21:05) Lois' investigation through Kal's dream aboard Black Zero
Act III: (1:21:06 - 2:08:45) Escape Black Zero through Zod's death [could be split into two]
Epilogue: (2:08:46 - 2:13:00) "I'm from Kansas" through "Welcome to the Planet"

So after looking at it like that it also helps to point out a probable lapse in time between Zod being sent to the Phantom Zone and Krypton's explosion. My guess is about 4-6 weeks. Or between one and two months, also roughly the time it takes Kal's ship to travel to Earth. Once it explodes, Zod and his crew are reanimated and forced to find a means to escape the phantom zone.

Then theres obviously Act 1 which consists of many flashbacks and shows Clarks road of self-discovery. This takes place over the course of just a few months as he's working his odd jobs, possibly between age 32 and 33.

Act 2 also takes place over the course of several weeks while Lois is doing her investigative reporting with a few more flashbacks. Until Kal turns himself in and everything therein becomes consecutive.

Act 3 is long but all takes place in the same time period. The epilogue is set up to a month after Zod's death.

After focusing in and giving it some thought, the pacing of the movie seems much more appropriate.

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