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Default Re: The timeline of MoS

Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
^^ Good post.

I think people might misunderstand this movie and therefore have a difficult time liking it. At least on the surface what people have said give me that impression. Or they were expecting something different all together. But they are entitled to their opinion.

My question is, those that have issues with Man Of Steel and don't like it....did these same people not anticipate the film unfolding as it did based on the trailers. When I watched the trailers they left me expecting exactly what the movie gave me. TheONLY 2 things I didn't like was:

"If were done measuring *****" and "Are you effin' stupid". I thought they were tasteless.
Oddly enough my "ONLY 2" things are different than yours, but for similar reasons of "tastelessness."

And they were "I think that only applies if you are kissing a human" and "I just think he's kinda hot." Slightly cringeworthy. I actually didnt mind the ones you listed. But to each his own right?

Anyway, I got something slightly different than what I expected from the trailers, but in a mostly positive way. Not nearly the same as my Iron Man 3 experience. Where I went in expecting (and hoping) Kingsley's Mandarin to be a badass. That was a let down. Man of Steel was not.

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