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Default Man of Steel's story

I'm your average super-hero lover. And I loved the Man of Steel for everything that it shows about how Superman originally got to Earth and why he is who he is. But generally, to judge whether the I actually liked the movie story-wise depends on how much it comes from the comics.
For example, I loved the original 3 Spider-man films like any other person, but hated how much of the story was bent into so many different ways, one of the main reasons I think The Amazing Spider-Man is better, because of how much it really shows the original story from the comics.
So I was wondering if anybody could tell me if you would consider this movie a success story-wise, and if it actually corresponds to the original story from the comics. I have already found a major flaw in which Superman kills General Zod, whereas the original character was known for not killing anybody (like Batman).

So could anyone please help me out?

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