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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
That would be good. I hated how on Smallville Lois refused to see anyone else's pov and just blindly stick up for the faceless hero's. MOS Lois seems to be more of an adult who understands her job rather than just a blind fan girl.

See, logically, I feel the need to respond to you because allowing this false information to linger on this board without being challenged feels wrong. On the contrary, by responding to you, I am now contributing to the conversation going further off-topic. Essentially, no one wins.

Your commentary about Erica Durance's Lois Lane, once again, makes absolutely no sense and is rooted in....nothing. This is factually incorrect.

Lois Lane was not a "blind fangirl" for superheroes on Smallville. On the contrary, when the Green Arrow appeared on the Scene in Season 6, Lois was one of his biggest critics because she believed he was stealing and didn't believe in his brand of justice. She eventually grew to believe that The Green Arrow's heart was in the right place (further complicated by the fact that it was Oliver Queen who was her boyfriend at the time) but her initial instinct was to challenge him publicly which she DID.

Her initial instinct with The Blur was also cyncism and skepticism. It was only after Clark had proven himself to her through his selfless heroism and after Lois had personally spoken to him and learned his intentions to help that she went out of her way to try and help him. Clark had to EARN her trust as the hero he was by being a savior to the people and it was part of earning Lois's trust and admiration that he found himself and started to believe in himself as the hero he was meant to be.

I'm also really irritated by this idea that it's such a bad thing for Lois Lane to have faith in Superman and to believe in him above all others.

One of the cornerstones of the Superman myth is that Lois Lane is often the FIRST AND ONE person who believes in the hope of Superman. She's the human who is able to stand up to the alien and say, "It's ok...everyone. He's not here to hurt us. He's here to help." That's a special, honored role. Many times, the cornerstone of the myth is that the WORLD falls in love with Sueprman bc they see him through Lois's eyes. This doesn't make her a "blind fangirl." That's a total and complete misread of the myth.

To mistake Lois Lane believing in Superman more than anyone else as a "weakness' is to completely confuse the point of this narrative. Superman is hope and Lois is the bridge to humanity for that hope. It's a role that sets her above many others because she tells others not to be afraid.

It goes back to Action Comics #1, "You needn't be afraid of me. I won't harm you."

Now, I would kindly ask AGAIN that you please refrain from making these blanket statements about Erica Durance when clearly are not necessary to the conversation and, more importantly, are not truthful or rooted in fact. If you want to continually misrepresent the canon of Smallville please do it somewhere else and stop doing it here.

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