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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
I am far older than 15 and I still think Amy is too old. Showing pictures of her on the red carpet doesn't compare to how she looked in the movie especially the grave yard scene. But that is probably mostly just her looks not necessarily her age.
My problems with Lois being older is that Superman ages slow very slow or not at all after a certain time.
But I know that is a minority opinion exclusive to me.
Sometimes Superman ages slower. Sometimes, like in the Golden Age Earth 2, he ages right alongside Lois.

Either way....why does it freaking matter? Are you honestly under the impression that Superman--of all people---would be so freaking shallow as to leave his wife because she got old? What a shallow, sad view of the entire mythos and of him as a man.

Why are you so consumed with physical appearance and beauty and age? It's genuinely sad to me. Do you truly not understand that none of these things matter when it comes to love and marriage?

I feel so sad for you that this is how you view love for women---totally rooted in their age and their physical beauty. Let's put aside the point that Amy is an extremely pretty woman. But even if she wasn't----why? Why would it matter? Why is this woman's worth contingent on her physical beauty in your eyes? Why do you choose to be so critical of something that ultimately just DOES NOT MATTER nor has any affect on who we are as human beings and how we love another person?

Is this how you expect people to treat you? Is this how you expect men to treat you in your life? It's just so sad.

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