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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 6

Here's some prestige director's take on Batman -

Martin Scorsese's Batman

Leonardo DiCaprio - Batman
Ben Kingsley - Alfred Pennyworth
Harvey Keitel - Commosiner Gordon
Ray Winstone - Harvey Bullock
Joe Pesci - The Penguin
Robert De Niro - Carmine Falcone

Quentin Tarantino's Batman

Michael Fassbender - Batman
Harvey Keitel - Alfred Pennyworth
Michael Parks - Commissioner Gordon
Samuel L. Jackson - Lucius Fox
Tim Roth - The Joker
Steve Bescumi - The Riddler
ZoŽ Bell - Catwoman
Eli Roth - Two-Face
Uma Thurman - Poison Ivy
Christoph Waltz - Ra's Al Ghul
Diane Kruger - Talia Al Ghul
Quentin Tarantino - Film Freak

The Coen Brother's Batman

George Clooney - Batman
Richard Jenkins - Alfred Pennyworth
Hailee Steinfeld - Batgirl
Jeff Bridges - Commissioner Gordon
John Goodman - Harvey Bullock
Francis McDormand - Leslie Thompkins
Steve Buscemi - The Joker
John Turturro - The Riddler
Josh Brolin - Two-Face
Jon Polito - The Penguin

Paul Thomas Anderson's Batman

Joaquin Phoniex - Batman
Philip Baker Hall - Alfred Pennyworth
William H. Macy - Commissioner Gordon
Don Cheadle - Lucius Fox
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Penguin
Amy Adams - Poison Ivy
Daniel Day Lewis - Ra's Al Ghul

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