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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
Yeah, I really don't get the argument that Amy was wasted or that Lois isn't given much to do. If I had any complaint about her, it's that they found a few too MANY ways to get her involved in scenes (boarding Zod's ship, flying along with Hardy at the end). But I didn't mind that because she was fantastic in the role. Amy finally gave us the smartest, toughest and most confident Lois we've seen yet... to me at least, she is the BEST Lois Lane we've had. Ever.
I think it is slightly more complex than that. In LnC for example, Lois on occasions would take down the bad guys all on her own, and she clearly out-thought and out-witted them when the plot called for it. In S:TAS we got a hard-as-nails Lois who was largely onto Lex's schemes even if she lacked hard evidence to fully bring hi down.

I like the way they took Lois in MOS, but she has always been a strong character who put up a fight. The LnC pilot I think captures it perfectly. Lois puts up a fight and basically subdues her attacker only to be attacked from behind and captured anyway. Lois gets saved because she gets in huge trouble, not because she is inacapable.

Although, I think it was good that in MOS Lois changed the atmosphere when Clark couldn't, and she gave him emotional support at the end when he was dealing with the trauma of having fought the battle. Lois may not have super powers, but there are things she can do for Clark that he can't do on his own.

I hope we get more of that mutual saving eachother in the next film.

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