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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE

here's Steyin's review of what he can say
Originally Posted by Steyin
Ok, let me start off by saying that overall the film was...

GREAT I give it a solid 8.5/10 after initial viewing, and right now I'd dare to rank it 2nd or 3rd among the Marvel films. (I put Avengers at #1, IM at #2 and CA at #3). If you liked the first film, you'll like this one even more I'd think.

As far as what I can say:

-Running time is 111/112 minutes (with credits), though it doesn't feel too short or too long, just right honestly. Though I do feel some may say it moves along a little fast, but it is really an enjoyable ride.
-Every character gets a moment to shine, even if it is brief
-The comedy is great. Sure it can be a little much in a certain scene, but a good balance overall with everything else (very subtle when it needed to be), unlike another film coughIM3cough
-Some nice emotional scenes (can't give specifics)
-Good action and great CGI/effects.
-Characters/interactions are great, even better this time around, including Natalie Portman
-Music was nice, though I can't really recall the score from the first film
-Sets/other realms were beautiful and well done. Asgard shined even more this time.
-Mid credit and end credit scenes, both great.

If there was a downside I'd say that the threat of the film was pretty large but feels like its resolved too simply, though in an interesting way. Also, I love Darcy.

I think this film will do very well and easily surpass the BO for the first film. I'll answer questions if I feel I can, but in a while as I have some TV to catch up on lol.

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