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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE

In the film - though i'm all for a longer movie too, I loved it! I would have liked to see more of Thor's character growth and progression when he was turned into a mortal. I felt like it happened very quickly to be convincing enough for me. Meeting an old, frail human and helping them in their last moments, or witnessing human selflessness and learning its value from humans, etc.

Also, there was nothing inherently remarkable about Jane Foster - as much as I love Natalie Portman - her character was fairly bland to me. Thor just suddenly falls in love with her for no real reason that I could see. Again, Thor is incredibly old and has seen more sights that you or I ever would combined. What is it about THIS woman that makes him choose her?

Finally, and it's a little gripe - The earth scenes were far too small scale - we get glimpses of a small town (still amazing that it was built just for this movie!) and a small crash site but I wanted to see more - rolling hills, forests, bigger sets etc.

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