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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
You guys really expect RDJ, Evans, or Hemms to die when they are under contract for more films? In Cap and Thor's cases, they haven't even reached film 3 yet. The big 3 are signed on through Avengers 3. All 3 still have to earn Marvel more BO money for Avengers, and in the case of Evans and Hemms, profits off the conclusions of their solo trilogies. None of them will die. Heck, I don't even think Hulk will die given he was the break out character of A1 (and likely destined for a sequel in phase 3).

The only ones they might kill are the ones who are not established franchise heroes. This leaves Black Widow or Hawkeye (in regard to established Avengers), and possibly Fury as far as important side characters. Let's also not forget about Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver. If they include Vision in the movie, then perhaps it is the death or Wanda or Pietro that inspires his treachery.

But seriously, anyone predicting Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, or Hulk to die...I don't see any series of events that leads to that happening in A2.
I agree with everything you say. I could see Stark and maybe Rogers dying at the end of A3, but not yet. Stark killed by Thanos, Rogers sacrifices himself, Thor ultimately kills Thanos, but is wounded (perhaps losing his eye, like Odin). This leaves us with no Iron Man, but would leave the door open for Bucky to take the Captain America title, Thor to "retire" from battle and rule Asgard as Odin did, Banner possibly being cured.

Or if Stark doesn't die, he becomes the leader of SHIELD, which would leave the opportunity for RDJ to just serve as a voice actor in any future movies, if the MCU continues. Or get a similar-sounding voice actor to be the equivalent of Charlie in Charlie's Angels.

The only way I could see them killing Stark in A:AOU is if they're planning to have Pym take of the role of the "brains" of the Avengers and going on without an Iron Man.

Just brainstorms. Bottom line, I don't think any of the big four will die until, at the earliest, mid-way through A3. The rest (BW, HE, Fury, QS, SW, etc.) are on the table.

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