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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

I'm a HUGE Batman fan. In fact, I don't even know that I LIKE Superman, considering that my exposure to him has been through Batman comics. I wasn't in love with the Christopher Reeve character, and I didn't really understand the point of Superman Returns.

That said... I LOVED Man of Steel. I've watched it five times in the last three days. I'm happy that Batman is going to be in the new movie (even if it's not specifically a "Man of Steel Sequel" it's going to be a sequel to Man of Steel), and I don't want to see a whole lot of Batman in it. I don't want Batman to steal the show and make it a huge Batman thing. Batman's got some great movies out. Three of them in the last decade. So I feel like we know Batman. Even if it's not Christian Bale, we know the guy under the cowl is Bruce Wayne, he's got a company, a butler, billions of dollars, a manor, a badass car, and a cave under his house. I would prefer that kind of stuff to be saved for the solo Batman films in this universe and keep Batman's involvement in THIS film to how his character pertains to the ramifications of Man of Steel's ending.

You can say a LOT about the character, sure. But if he's in this next movie, I would think speaks to both his character as Bruce Wayne, philanthropist, and as Batman, cynical force of vengeance, to investigate on his own what happened in Metropolis. Hell, he might even be able to piece together that Superman is Clark Kent in the same way that Lois did in Man of Steel, but it'd be easier since, hey, look at that, Smallville had some serious ***** go down there, too.

I'm just saying, just by Batman BEING in the movie, you've got potentially effortless characterization of his "Worlds Greatest Detective" side, his philanthropy as Bruce Wayne, AND his darker, more apprehensive side that can put him at temporary odds with Superman. Add to that a potential Wayne Enterprises / LexCorp joint project to rebuild Metropolis, and you have Bruce at odds with Kal long enough for him to go after him, get smacked around (as a Batfan, yeah, I'll admit it--Smacked. Around.). Then he realizes that Kal's got humanity's best interests at heart, realize that Lex has been just Eddie Haskell-ing him the whole time to get to Superman, etc. Along the way, you can have some really great scenes involving Bruce and Kal talking about killing Zod and coming to an understanding.

They say Bruce is going to be 'older and wiser' but that doesn't have to mean he's a geriatric, and it doesn't mean he has to be all training Superman or whatever, that's horsecrap. Just enough of a "You know, killing is wrong, right?" "Yeah... everyday I wish I could take it back, but I had to do it. I had to. I had to or he was going to kill every single person in my city. I couldn't stop him." I'd imagine a more heartfelt monologue there or something after a heated discussion, but yeah. I think Bruce would really see Kal's pain and regret and realize, just as Col. Hardy did.... "This man is not my enemy."

You don't need to show the Batcave, Wayne Manor, Alfred, Gotham in that huge of detail at all. THIS film, in my opinion, shouldn't be about Batman, it's about the meeting of two giants, and one of them... we know pretty well already. That's my take.

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