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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

One of the little things I always chuckle at watching this is when Superman's in the interrogation room and Dr. Hamilton shows up.

"Sir? I'm--"
"Emil Hamilton. Yes, I can see your ID Card in your left pocket... along with a half eaten roll of wintergreen live savers."

And just that little bit that Dr. Hamilton does there just makes me think his character had lost them at some point, so he grabs that pocket like, "Oh, there they are!"


Also, during the Smallville fight, while Faora is closing in on Hardy, while Kal is fighting Nam-Ek, you can see the army guys behind them just spraying both of them with bullets and neither one of them even cares.



Zod : "Ship, have you managed to quarantine this invasive intelligence?"
Jor-El : "It failed."
Scout Ship : "I have."

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