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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
I do like the new Cyclops alt, which is taken from the X-Men #1 comic series drawn by Jim Lee. And it was featured in games like Capcom vs X-Men, as well.
I've never had an issue with a costume most of the younger heroes like him his brother Havok gambit were wearing a look that showed their hair which I remember certain seals and agent spy type field tactical teams of groups in other media's were doing the same thing during that decade. They even made
General Hawk had that look for the bit in GI: joe for a bit when he had the jet pack in the later series before they made him retire.

Now the only issue I had with it was that Jim Lee had this thing for using utility belts or pouch's as he called them sometimes . To him they were just there cause he liked drawing them. To me, if your gonna have a utility belt you better have your own gimmick styled gadgets and use them. Otherwise it's kinda meaningless.

I think most people had an issue with the fact he still had the under pants on the out side look too. But in a way Dare devil and captain America did too and they addressed that in the mid 2000's but it wasn't as noticeable till they made them all lose that look after the mid 2000's came about.

Which was a smart move. But I won't dump on him and cause at the time they still had Batman and superman running around with that look as well and that took them even longer to be rid of that look.

That's my thoughts on it.

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