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Default Re: Is the movie going to boost the GN sales considerably?

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Comic book sales aren't being boosted by the films because the books Marvel puts out aren't very good. People who are moved to look at books at Barnes & Noble are going to take a glance at the content and put them right back on the rack.

That is what my brothers and I have done, and we were longtime Marvel fans as kids who love the genre and the characters. All of us gave up on comic books in the mid 90s because we didn't like what was being produced. The movies had a chance at luring us back, but the stuff Marvel is doing is pretty gawdawful. If they can't get people like us back, who've read thousands of comic books over the years, they have little chance of finding new readers from among the GA.
Aw, I don't know what you were picking up, but Wood's X-Men series is great, Aaron's Thor series is fantastic, DeConnick's rocking Avengers Assemble and I'm really enjoying the hell out of Captain Marvel. I've just started back in with Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers, which is rather blowing my mind. I'm holding out until the issues are released on Marvel Unlimited, but... man it's really hard, especially with all the great stuff I'm hearing about how Infinity is going.

Fraction/Aja's Hawkeye has, what I think, is probably the finest ongoing in the Big Two right now, period, surpassed only by Saga out of Image. And everything Waid's doing for Marvel with the Hulk and especially Daredevil has been pretty amazing. Gillen and McKelvie are kicking major ass with Young Avengers too.

I'm slow picking up Marvel issues, but everything I've been reading is really pretty great. I'm kind of inclined to think that the movies don't really sell the ongoing series very well because they're really hard to get into for a new reader. Identifiable story arcs, like the Winter Soldier, might be easier for interested readers to pick up in TPB form. I'm sure Marvel will be repackaging the Brubaker run to make it easy for new readers to purchase it.

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