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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

Originally Posted by zenith16 View Post
Now the only issue I had with it was that Jim Lee had this thing for using utility belts or pouch's as he called them sometimes . To him they were just there cause he liked drawing them. To me, if your gonna have a utility belt you better have your own gimmick styled gadgets and use them. Otherwise it's kinda meaningless.
Rob Liefeld was actually a worse abuser of that particular look than Jim Lee. But they both were also guilty of another bad 90's comic style that's featured in this Cyclops costume. Headgear that only allows hair on the very top of the head to be visible. It was a bad look and done to death.

On the positive side at least Cyclops never rocked that look with a ponytail like Shatterstar and others.

And yeah, underwear on the outside is just bad too.

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