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Default Re: Avengers Alliance - Part 1

I mentioned that already though and it's cause the real life SAS and spy tactical teams like the CIA Agent teams used that look among others in real-life were actually doing that themselves in raids in normal cities like the ones we live in for indoor combat and arrests.

Some of the older Rainbow six games in the mid 90's show cased this with the avatar/ sprite at times and there were other representations as I said, General Hawk had that look for the bit in GI: Joe for a bit when he had the jet pack in the later series during the later 90's when Snakes ran the Ninja force with storm shadow and scarlet. They weren't agents (GI: Joe were soldiers for most) but something like that was happening for those that called them selves operatives.
Before they made him(General Hawk) retire. It depends.

They picked that up from somewhere. And that at the time was accurate. It was one of the few times that was sorta done right.

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