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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Was wondering if anyone knew more about the rights for Deadpool. Hitfix mentioned something breifly back in July about Fox losiing him in a few years if they don't use him. Was thinking that since New Line Cinema was gonna make a Deadpool film (back in 03) without his connections to X-Men, that means Deadpool was grabbed by Fox separately sometime inbetween 04 and Origins or that New Line got the rights from Fox. So was Deadpool not part of their X-Men deal?

On another note.

First Draft of X-Force was finished.
Jeff Wadlow ‏@JeffWadlow 17 Oct
@Patient85 : "@JeffWadlow how's the X-Force script coming?" A dream come true for me. Finished the first draft a couple weeks ago...

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