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Default Re: Nordick Mythology in the movie

It seems clear now that in the MCU, unlike in the comics, the Asgardians are not gods, but an alien race that were worshipped as gods by the Norse, and had some of their people and stories jumbled up into myths.

Thor and Loki were great friends in the myths, well, the Eddas anyway, despite Loki's tricks, until Loki really ****ed **** up and then they weren't. Loki (a Jotun) was Odin's adopted brother of course, though also could be technically be his "heir". You could definitely see more of a brotherly than uncle-like relationship between Thor (Odin's son) and Loki in the myths, anyway.

I don't really compare the MCU Asgard to the myths too much, except as a fun point of reference. Like, MCU Loki is not really a "god of mischief" but it's amusing to call him that.

(Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles are great! I'm onto the sixth book now.)

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