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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE

Can we leave this thread for reviews/reactions and that alone? We've got other threads to discuss stuff like the first Thor...

Anyway, some more reactions, not sure if posted:

@TasminLucia Thor 2 is a brilliant film. Can't wait for you all to watch it. Loki is my favourite character. Complex but fun... @twhiddleston @ThorMovies

@Kuato_lives It was alright, I liked it better than Thor 1 but less than Avengers Assemble.

We saw an advance of Thor: The Dark World today. It is amazing! You are going to LOVE it!

#ThorDarkWorld was SO GOOD. Prepare to laugh! Studios need to hire TV directors more often. Kudos Alan Taylor. Oh and Loki is amazing!

Watched Thor 2, so good! Well worth a watch

Just seen #thor2 preview if you like the first you will love the 2nd Lordoftherings meets startrek

All I can say, and everyone brought their A game, is LOKI OWNS #Thor2 Just sayin lol!!!

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