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Default "Joyless" ?

I remember reading a review of Man of Steel where the guy said it was just absolutely joyless. Maybe it's that the plot and special effects got a bit thick at times, with some really serious consequences, but I wouldn't fault Man of Steel for that. That's just the nature of how Kryptonians of THAT power with THAT plan... I mean, that's how it'd go, "realistically". Right?

That said, there's an awful lot of humor in this movie, and some of it's really obvious (like when Clark spears that guy's Mack Truck with like three telephone poles), but there's also some really sly, subtle dry humor in the movie too.

One of my favorite moments that comes to mind is when Dr. Hamilton shows up during Superman and Lois talking in the interrogation room. Superman says, "You're Emil Hamilton. I know. I can see your ID card in your left pocket, along with a half eaten roll of Wintergreen Life Savers."

And right then Dr. Hamilton does this >_> look and puts his hand over his pocket, like he lost those Life Savers at some point during the day and Clark just happened to point them out. (To my understanding, Dr. Hamilton is somewhat absent-minded in some of the comics, right?) I just thought that little moment was just great. Little stuff like that that made me chuckle.

Another one is when Zod is on the Scout Ship to go and secure the Genesis Chamber and Jor-El's hologram shows up and starts talking to him. At the end of that, the conversation goes:

Zod : "Ship, have you managed to quarantine this invasive intelligence?"
Jor-El : "It failed."
Scout Ship : "I have."

I laughed so hard at that. I really did.

So... what are some of the moments YOU found to be funny? Even if it's a little dry and sardonic, and just real little subtle things.

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