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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel - Part 3

^^ Well I listened to the Iron Man 3 score in its entirety. Incredible. As I said before I listened to in pieces over cleaning the house, etc. It must just have been coincidence that every time I brought my attention back to what was playing that it seemed that the main theme horns were playing. Not the case now. In the future I'll try not to jump to conclusions without thinking about what I'm saying first.

But while it is incredible, it is different than the Man Of Steel score. But for some reason I'm moved more by the Man Of Steel score. I know I'm probably in a very miniscule group, but Man Of Steel has become my favorite comic book movie of all time. I can't explain it but every time I watch this movie I love it that much more. The score definitely enhances the story...which that's what they're suppose to do, right. Anyways I am looking forward to what Brian Tyler does with Thor: The Dark World.

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