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Originally Posted by Rephe View Post
Oh, okay. I get you both. I understand. And to that end, I would say that if I were in this Kal's boots, I'd be confused to determined to freaking out over the whole situation. I think this character has a journey ahead of him, still, to get to that point, but I can definitely see him getting there. He's got flashes of it before the stress of the Kryptonian invasion and not wanting to fail mankind and all this really weighty stuff goes on... I have hope that he'll find his comfort coming out of it into the next films.

At any rate, I started on one thing with the "Joyless" and went into another point that I meant to get into, I just made a mistake and thought they were connected. The point of the thread (and I'd be totally okay if any of the mods want to edit the title / OP to reflect this) was to draw attention to the little tiny bits of humor that may not have been in the script exactly, like Emil Hamilton's reaction, etc. That's what I meant.
I think the best kind of humor would have been there if regular people would have seen a super-man in action.

Other than that, I feel the humor in MoS felt off many times (He's kinda hot).

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