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^ Great points, for sure. I can get how Man of Steel would be joyless after that. Like you said, childbirth is a very joyful experience, but in MoS, it's all secret and illegal and heresy, etc. There's no real moment of "holy crap, we just had a child, how cool are we?" moment.

I saw All-Star Superman, the animated film, but never read it. I was hesitant to trust another All Star book after being taken advantage of by the Child Abuse Batman story. Maybe I should really give that one a shot. I liked the film for sure, IIRC I didn't really get into it until after Clark Kent tells Lex Luthor that he and Superman might have been really great friends under different circumstances. I've personally had to deal with my own mortality (it's not important to the discussion, but I had 32 surgeries before I turned 18, I had about 7 death clocks put on me as a kid), so that really resonated with me, because I felt like that with some of the people I met and hadn't really gotten to know.

I like how you put it, though, about joy being in wanting to be Superman. Wanting to help people for the sake of helping people. Man of Steel was more about wanting to be accepted, and helping people for the sake of being accepted, until he finally gets into the scout ship and Jor-El tells him that saving people was the entire point, basically. Like you said, because he lacks identity.

And just like what you said, he's the most joyful right after he finds his heritage, and right before that heritage starts to bite him in the ass. That's why I think there'll be a lot more of joyful Superman in future movies. Great points for sure, man. (Or, lady?)

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