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Default Re: Is Svartalfheim and the other Nine Realms what you expected them to look like?

Originally Posted by seahammer View Post
EDIT: and as for where to go after Surtur, that's when I'd move Thor out of the 9 Realms and do Beta Ray Bill or something else cosmic, OR (as Joss Whedon says regarding Avengers), go "deeper" or more personal rather than "larger" with the threat.
That's probably the best way to go for after after Thor 3

Thor 2: I like the fact they are using Malekith because of the fact he sets up Surtur nicely and apparently there are TWO after credit scenes and I'm sure one sets up maybe GOTG and other probably Surtur?

Thor 3: Surtur as the main Nine Realms threat and physical threat for Thor and maybe Enchantress as the Asgardian threat and magic/psychological threat for Thor.

Thor 4: Go more personal, go full on science fiction and get away from the Nine Realms and explore Beta Ray Bill and the Korbonites where he comes from.

EDIT: I don't think they will use Hela in the films because I don't think they want to introduce Loki having a daughter because it could become convoluted.

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