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Default Re: Is Svartalfheim and the other Nine Realms what you expected them to look like?

Originally Posted by seahammer View Post
That all sounds about right! I can't wait to come in here after seeing T:TDW to speculate where things might go next.

Oh, and I'm thinking/hoping we'll see some Korbinites in GOTG (we saw some yellowish-orangeish people during filming). Aaaand to tie this back to the thread topic, I liked how they portrayed Korbin in the EMH episode:
Yeah, I like how Korbin was portrayed too.

I'm just really excited like you to watch TDW and come back here to speculate where it could go.

Thor 1: Jack Kirby golden, shiny aesthetic

Thor 2: Norse, medieval, viking, gritty, lived in aesthetic

Thor 3: N/A I don't know what aesthetic they would do with Surtur. Will they stay with the viking look before going full sci-fi or will they go back to the Thor 1 aesthetic?

Thor 4: Full on GOTG style science fiction aesthetic for Beta Ray Bill and Korbin.

EDIT: I think Thor 3 should stay with the viking look because I think Surtur will suit it, then like I said, for Thor 4 go a completely different look/direction

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