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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
He's no more of an alien in the MCU than he is in the comics, they just throw around the word "god" more. He's from the same place, has the same powers, wears the same clothes and hangs with the same friends, the only difference is Marvel doesn't want to offend anyone's religion in the film.
I really can't imagine an actualfax Earth goddess in the MCU, but ymmv. It does seem more sci-fi to me, albeit with some individual magical powers.
Fandral refers to impressing/scaring humans by pretending to be gods.
Coulson says that Thor is not "technically" a god, and Hill agrees, with a joke.
Thor's conversation with Jane about the nine worlds puts it in a scientific context.
Loki clearly sees himself as a god amongst humans, however. But he would. Bet he loved all the "summoning of lighting and thunder".

I'm interested to see what Odin has to say about "Before the universe".

I don't think, at least in the Thor movies, that they want to play up precisely what the Asgardians are. It's more fun and relatable to think of them as somehow more-than-human rather than simply alien.

The conceit of Thor was a family drama that didn't seem to have room for all of Odin's other offspring; I'm not sure there's room for Thor having a different mother. Many things have been simplified to fit into relatively short movies for a casual audience.

The promos for the first film played up the god aspect, but the 'verse hasn't to me so far. I mean, I'm a big fan of Norse mythology and its various modern adaptations and various rationalisations for these beings in a wider world/universe; not so sure we could have something like, say, the recent comic God-bomb arc in this rationalisation. Do the movie characters have natures and fates they're bound to, as gods do?

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