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Default Re: Bonus Material on the IM3 DVD&BR

Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
If little to nothing or things from IM3 tie so vaguely into A2 then it will probably cheapen the movie for me after Phase 2 is all revealed. I'll still love the movie, but it might make me dislike it a little more. I know it was a stand alone film, but it's plot just has to have something integral to do with Phase 2 or at least Phase 3. Fingers crossed.
Since they revealed A2 is going to be about Ultron, Iron Man 3 plot and stuff done in it makes a lot more sense...for example Stark making an Iron Man suit that he doesn't need to be assuming that's the prototype for ultron..and my assumption will be that instead of being iron-man and having the avengers he make ultron the fight battles the world cant...when that goes wrong I guess he will done mark 42 I don't recall it getting blown up at the end...

as for the special features one of the reason I liked getting Nolan Batman Blu-Rays were amount of special features on them and showing how the film was made and some of reason behind what they did...I assume MOS will be relatively the same....Disney could benfit from this I think it make there movies more profitable, Iron Man 2 blu ray has like 90 minutes of special features and there pretty interesting.

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