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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
Okay, but he still has to go toe-to-toe with Tony. You don't build up a massive foe, then have him do someone else's work. You simply rule from behind the scenes.
But Mandarin could have been the guy behind the scenes and Killian was the physical threat, Tony, or disappointingly, Pepper defeats him then either Mandarin gets away or dies in a way were its not definitive.

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
Also, he wasn't in them too much because he was separated from them, and the suit was damaged, you know, when he got shot to Tennessee. I would think of all people you would be fine with a hero not being in the movie for the entirety of it, Ang Lee didn't have the Hulk appear until some 40 minutes+ in.
He didnt have any problem calling the other suits in at the end, didnt see much stopping from calling a suit from his location he could use at any one time, yet he waits until the end and calls all of them at once? Again, doesnt fly. Fair enough when Killian has him captive he could only call the Mach 42 then but other times he could have told Jarvis to send him a suit.

And with regards to the Hulk, origin movies are different, they need a build-up. And when Hulk did come on screen he was Hulk, not just some suit being remote controlled from miles away with no danger to the hero himself.

2014 movie ratings out of 10:

1)X-Men: DOFP-10(2)Interstellar-9.5(3)Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes-9.5(4)Guardians Of The Galaxy-9.5(5)Gone Girl-9(6)Captain America: TWS-9(7)Edge Of Tomorrow-9(8)How To Train Your Dragon 2-9(9)WOWS-8.5(10)Godzilla-8(11)Neighbours-8(12)Amazing Spider-Man 2-7.5(13)Lego Movie-7.5(14)Transformers: AOE-7.5(15)Robocop-7.5(16)Sin City: ADTDF-7(17)300:ROAE-7(18)The Equalizer-7(19)MWTDITW-7(20)47 Ronin-6(21)Monuments Men-5(22)Ride Along-5(23)I, Frankenstein-3
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