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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Deadpool is A list, your a bit out of touch on comics if you think he's not close. Why isn't Cyclops on the advertising of that new Mainstream Lego game and getting a solo game? Why is Deadpool on every Marvel Variant cover? And why is Fox trying to find a way to bring Deadpool to the largets age group? Hmmmmmm

I like Blade a hell of alot better then X1.

I had expectations raised way to high for Gravity so I was disappointed on it not being a larger story, but found the visuals brilliant, beautiful and flawless.

...and yeah, I think the Transformers movies have some of the most complex set pieces I've ever seen in film and show something to audiences that others films don't. Writing aint great but nothing wrong with a thrill ride.

This is how you deliver a low blow? By changing the subject to my other opionions, and trying to make me look bad? hahahaha

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