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Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
There is a difference between funny and joy. A child's birth is a joyful experience, it isn't humorous, though.

All-Star Superman is widely considered as one of the best "cape" comic books ever written, the story revolves around Superman coming to terms with his own mortality, whether humanity will be safe without him, as well as trying to prevent his own demise.

The story is still joyful. Because it's a celebration of the character.

Batman can also be interpreted as a joyful character. Despite battling insane foes and risking his life, he knows how cool it is to be Batman and Bruce Wayne. He's the world's most eligible bachelor and has multiple women on his arms, he's a billionaire, he drives sports cars, he has a flying car, the coolest gadgets in the world:
"They say you're cool, like James Bond"
"James Bond? Oh no, I'm much cooler than he is".

Just because something can be done in a story does not mean it should be defined by it.

The story sure is one of sacrifice, and of hope. But being Superman should not be a sacrifice for Clark. Clark wants to be Superman, he wants to be saving people, that is who he is (not in a "who is the real man sense"). Clark should find joy in being Superman, and the film did not express that.

The thing is though, that's not what the film presented us (in regards to being an alien) with at all. Clark was angsty when he was lost, and lacked identity, but the first scene of him after he finds out who he is, he's the happiest we see him in the film, he's beaming to his mother and we see he considers himself a child of both worlds.

Y'all need some more comics up in here.
1) What I meant was the general tone of the Donner films. I like to see happy stuff from time to time with Superman, but it shouldn't be "unrealistically happy" to the point where it feels like a Superfriends cartoon. That's the general impression I felt those silly critics wanted.

2) I like All-Star Superman as well but I don't think this Superman's quite at that point yet. Heck, I don't believe it should even be brought up in comparison with an origin story. The story is about a happy ending for Superman when all the battles have been fought and all the songs have been sung as they say. I mean it resolves the long standing conflict of Superman vs Lex Luthor.

3) Batman being joyful about the mission?...I think not. There's nothing cool about always having to go out and take out the bad guys. It's a responsibility for Batman. Bruce Wayne doesn't even like living the Billionaire playboy life, he'd rather be out in Gotham fighting crime as Batman's the real identity.

4) Clark does indeed want to be Superman, but all those sacrifices be it from his loved ones or a part of his soul after snapping Zod's neck help shape him to be the man he's destined to be and to a small degree influence his choice as he realizes that being a hero is his purpose.

5) I was referring to his childhood growing up as well as the continuous facade he has to use when he's not wearing the costume as well as some moments when he's with Lois. I was further debunking some silly idea that being Superman and having his life is "Super-Duper-Ultra-Happy Go Lucky" as what the critics perceive Superman to be.

6) I've felt I've read all the relevant comics needed.(Earth One especially)

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