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Default Re: Batman hits women?

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
He doesn't even beat them to within an inch of their lives either. At least not often. Batman is a Superhero. He fights crime. All this psychological mumbojumbo where he's some broken little rich boy beating the s**t outta criminals cuz he hates them is for the most part, boos**t. Batman has never been a sadist. He'll knock a guy or girl around to subdue them, but rarely more than that. And unlike the movies, he saves his bad guys if they need it. How many times has Joker fallen off a building only for Bats to catch him? Even though the world would be a much better place if he just let that crazy bastard fall? Hate? Maybe for some. Usually tempered by compassion. Cuz Batman's too awesome to let such an emotion be a driving force. At least that's the Batman I know, I don't know what you mofo's been reading.
I see that as a clear signal of hate and scorn against the criminals, or at least a wish of subjugate them, and I can't see that like a positive feeling. if he really doesn't feel any hatred he could be police, like Gordon, but he doesn't want to follow the rules, he wants to terrorize the criminals, and this is a sentiment of violence and sadism, not very much developed, but sentiment anyway... why, if that isn't true, two of his villains are Scarecrown (sadism) and Bane (violence and phisical domination)?

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