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Originally Posted by AvengerPA View Post
Iron Man can die in Avengers 2 and come back to life in Avengers 3. He can do this one of two ways:

1. Tony Stark creates Ultron, who tries to destroy humanity. Embarrassed by this, Tony decides to fake his death in order to avoid public scrutiny. A remote-controlled Iron Man blows up, and the announcement is made that Tony Stark is dead. Tony will continue to live in seclusion and provide behind-the-scenes assistance to the Avengers. He later returns to life in the third film.

2. Iron Man appears to die in the finale of the film. The Avengers believe him dead. At the end, it is revealed that Iron Man is being held prisoner in space by Thanos. The Avengers have to rescue him in the third film.
Ok the first suggestion I wouldn't mind seeing.

But Tony Stark isn't dying in A2, no chance.

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