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Originally Posted by AvengerPA View Post
You kill off a major character to make millions, and then you bring them back to life in order to make millions more.

The Hulk's death could involve exile into space or another dimension, and then you would have him fight his way back to Earth. Millions made.
Cap's death would lead to his replacement by the Winter Soldier. New Cap leads to more millions made.
Thor's death would put him in the Asgardian afterlife. Hela would be introduced at this point. Thor would then escape from the afterlife in his next movie.
Dude, Cap 3's BO would go down TREMENDOUSLY if you killed off Steve Rogers and made Bucky Cap. Interest in the character is immediately lost, and the film will suffer. Thor could make sense given Hela's involvement and such, but that still involved Hemms and he isn't actually dead (he would be "technically" dead). But, I think a Thor film based on Ragnarok would be a better Thor 3 than escape from Niffleheim. (most probably would agree). You can't permanently kill Thor or Cap, and then expect the BO to increase. It will only lose money and there is little logic in doing it financially.

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