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Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
I've heard people say it was silly for him to die in the tornado. People are crazy, they will sacrifice more for their pets than human beings. I don't remember where this was from but there was a survey that asked people if their house was burning with their dog inside and their neighbors house was burning, who would they save if they had a choice. Most said they would save their dog.
I didn't say it was silly to try to save a pet. I'd probably do the same myself.

I said it was silly to not let Clark go do it, because he could have easily done a better and fast job of that rescue without giving away his powers.

It was an idea that might have worked if they'd done it a bit differently, but was so poorly executed.

Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
Anyways, I felt that it showed the respect that he had for his father. His dad didn't think it was time and he sacrificed his life for what he thought was best for his son. Clark respected him that much that he didn't do what he knew he could do.
I've never questioned Jonathon's intentions. Makes perfect sense to wanna protect your son, even with your life.

Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
Not true at all. If you look carefully, people are slowly coming from behind the rubble.
I don't think you should have to look carefully. I think people should have been used to show something more.

Originally Posted by Adamantium View Post
I think it was perfect. He doesn't have super human emotions. I think he was overwhelmed by the fact that he had to kill Zod. I think he acted quickly and felt it was his only choice in the situation. Zod said he would never stop. Everything was happening so fast. Maybe in the future Superman will decide differently. Maybe that was behind his cry..."what have I done?", "was that the right thing?", etc. I'm sure that part of his character will be expounded upon in the future.
Like I said, plenty of people like it.

I am not arguing with anyone about that (i'm so very bored of doing so).

I only argue here that it is one of the things about the film that made it joyless.

Are you saying it was joyful?

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