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Default Re: Is Svartalfheim and the other Nine Realms what you expected them to look like?

Originally Posted by seahammer View Post
I agree that the general aesthetic should stay the same, but if we get Surtur in Thor 3, and that brings us Muspelheim, how do you think that world should look?

Should be a solid, but highly volcanic world? Or could they really push the envelope and make Muspelheim a planet that is like a sun or a very hot "gas giant"?
I don't know because if you look at the Nine Realms map, Muspelheim is at the bottom of the map, so I think it should be the biggest scale realm along side Asgard. I don't think it should be a planet or gas planet, but a unique looking shaped volcanic world.

I'm thinking maybe it should look like Mustafar from Star Wars Ep. 3, you have any ideas?

EDIT: Here is concept art of Muspelheim from the Thor: God of Thunder game

and art from the Norse mythology Muspelheim...

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