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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
They didn't know how Extremis worked at that point in time. You're going to call Stark unprepared when he was in his armor when she came in, and was unaware of the exact threat he was facing? I don't think that is valid given Stark's lack of knowledge on Extremis. Hypothetically, yes an Extremis person could have blown them up. Unhypothetically, Stark was unaware that he was facing human bombs. As for the copters, they were labeled as News helicopters. He probably thought they were the media.

I don't agree with your complaint. The only thing Stark did that was dumb in that scene was where a different armor that was more offense capable. But, at same time, that could have killed Pepper if he wasn't around the Mark 42 at the time so he could attach it to her quickly.
I think Stark was using a remote controlled suit at the time. And yes he was unprepared. Since didn't know exactly what he was facing he should have been hyper vigilant. Have remote controlled suits check out anything approaching his house from well out of the kill range of previous bombs. That is the least he could have done after asking to be attacked. He had started working on the bombings and had to be aware that was the most likely form of attack.

News helicopter, umm villains lie, come on now. Stark should have been ready for attacks by land, sea or air and he had ample resources to do so.

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