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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by regnak View Post
I think Stark was using a remote controlled suit at the time. And yes he was unprepared. Since didn't know exactly what he was facing he should have been hyper vigilant. Have remote controlled suits check out anything approaching his house from well out of the kill range of previous bombs. That is the least he could have done after asking to be attacked. He had started working on the bombings and had to be aware that was the most likely form of attack.

News helicopter, umm villains lie, come on now. Stark should have been ready for attacks by land, sea or air and he had ample resources to do so.
The media is par for the course for Stark. Especially after he openly threatened a terrorist. Of course a media cover would work for a man who is used to the media. Also, he had no idea at that point how the explosions occurred. He saw no signs of weapons on Mya. Why would he assume she was a bomb? I assume those "newscoptors" were there for hours. Not just arrived. Jarvis even commented on them, so he likely checked them out earlier to some degree.

Simply don't agree here.

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