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Default Re: Batman hits women?

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
The only reason he doesn't do all that stuff is cuz it makes for a boring comic book.

The fact that he chooses to physically go after criminals is because 1, it's exciting, and 2. It's kind of a prerequisite of being a superhero. I mean, does, say, Green Arrow hate criminals cuz he shoots arrows at them? Is Mr. Terrific in this same boat? He's just an awesome dude who decided to put on a suit and fight crime. No parents murdered by some dastardly ne'er-do-well. How about Superman? He beats the crap outta fools sometimes as well. Does he hate criminals?

You guys are confusing the basics of simple superherodom, which is beating people up, with some kind of anger at all criminals. If Batman hates criminals cuz he beats them up, then everybody hates criminals cuz they beat them up.
And why can't that be the case? I don't think anyone likes criminals, or even feels neutral about them. People don't like criminals. That's why we like superhero comics in the first place - to watch good guys prevail over bad guys.

And to be a vigilante means someone actually disliked crime enough to do something about it. Sounds kind of like anger or hate to me.

To beat people up, or shoot arrows at them or whatever, requires that you don't feel much empathy for those particular people. Being angry at them at least implies that you have the capability of feeling empathy toward non-criminals.

Now to be a vigilante (where your anger at crime actually made you do something) or to be a sociopath with a society-friendly code like Dexter...which is the option you want your superheroes to be?

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