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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
I'm not a big fan of the kid arcs....
There have been several wonderful stories told about Lois and Clark's children.

There was an excellent run in the comics prior to the new 52 where Lois and Clark adopted a child. He was the biological son of Zod but came to recognize Lois and Clark as his true mother and father. It was arc that was, imo, cut short way too quickly and had tons of wasted potential.

There is also a rather lovely one shot narrative called "Son of Superman" that takes place in the future about Lois and Clark's son, Jonathan Kent.

Kurt Busiek's Secret Identity is a beautiful AU story about an alternate Clark Kent and Lois with two twin daughters. It's a gorgeous story about marriage, parenthood and family.

Most interestingly, Kurt Busiek revealed a while back that he had outlined a story a few years ago that was going to be focused on Lois and Clark's children in the future. In particular, he was going to focus on their youngest child----the only one of their children who did NOT have superpowers. I think the idea was that all of their children had inherited Clark's powers save one---one of them was essentially human. The story was going to follow that child and explore what it meant for that child to live in the shadow of Superman as the mortal child. Fascinating stuff. So sad that we never got to see that story.

Children, like marriage, require better writers and too often are given to mediocre writers.

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