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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
Yeah, a lot of people hate kid arcs. I don't know that parenting arcs are intrinsically boring ... I think it might be that a lot of TV shows have their characters become parents once they have run out of ideas. It might also be something more fundamental, maybe it's simply that directors can't control kids the way they can control adults.

I would have liked to see some scenes of Diane Lane with a baby in MoS.
I really think it comes back more to the idea that some writers are just lazy.

Writing marriages and families requires work. It requires better writing that cannot constantly fall back on the same tired tropes that have been recycled over and over again for centuries. It requires actual thought and creativity and maturity about different stages of life.

Nothing is intrinsically boring. There have been many beautiful stories told about marriage and children across all genres. But it requires BETTER writers. GREAT writers. Not just ok writers.

Would I like Lois and Clark to be parents? Yes. At some point down the road. I don't need to see it in a film right now. But I wouldn't mind knowing it happens eventually.

If Lois and Clark existed in the Star Trek universe, they would undoubtedly have a child as the concept of "alien/human" children was so intensely popular in that universe.

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