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Default Re: X-Men First Class v.s Captain America TFA

Originally Posted by Green Goblin View Post
First Class reached emotions greater than Cap 1 did. Just look at the death of Magneto's mother, Him hunting the Nazi's or the scene where Xavier show him the best way to control his powers. What did Cap 1 have? That scene where Bucky dies?

I thought Young Magneto and Xavier gave much better performances than what Evans did.
FC's emotional moments did resonate and have more impact than the ones in TFA. The only in TFA that brought me close to tears was Cap's sacrifice at the end, which was a great scene.

But FC had many more of those moments, like the ones you mentioned as well as Erik finally killing Shaw, Charles getting shot, and Mystique leaving Charles for Magneto. Its the emotional moments in movies which make them so re-watchable, and the ones FC were just much better IMO.

Cap never had a scene so exhilarating as Erik moving the satellite and then even more Erik lifting the submarine either. These brought different emotions to the fore but were still amazing non the less.

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