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Default Re: Merchandise and toys

I purchased off of the 3.75 " inch "Thor: The Dark World" action figures and they are some of the best movie action figures I've ever purchased. The guy stocking the shelves made a mistake and put them under the $4.99 price tag so I got a WICKED deal on them!

It's funny, the original "Thor" movie action figure line is still one of my favourite line of movie based figures. The scale, character selection (still PISSED we didn't get that 'Berserker Frost Giant' ..think that's his name..he was a deluxe figure) detail, packaging artwork is all beautiful but when you compare that Thor figure to the new line? There is absolutely no comparison. The detailing, size (much bigger and beefier) proportions are 10/10.

I am super pissed the Dark Elf is only 1 per case. I'm not sure if Hasbro did that because of the overflow of Frost Giants from the last movie maybe? I am so friggin' bummed we aren't getting a Malekith though. He is the main bad guy, why did they not at least sneak him in there? I would have loved updated versions of Sif and the Warriors 3, although I don't think the Asian dude is in there is he? Haven't seen him in any of the trailers.

Also the Kurse action figure looks so fantastic, really awesome figure. I love how he is not a CGI character as well from what I can tell of the film stills I have seen. Great make up/costume/exo-skeleton on that bad boy.

Does anyone have ANY info on a Wave 2 for the "Thor 2: The Dark World" line?


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